Veleros Colombia offers you: 

                                                      LIST OF MONTHLY RECOMENDATIONS

The purchase of your own Sailboat.

Our firm has more than 8 years of experience skippering, purchasing, selling, registering, equipping and operating sailing vessels of different types in different parts of the world.

We offer our experience and education at your service to purchase your own sailing vessel.



  • Pre-Selection of the best options
  • Analysis of the condition of the vessel
  • Payment processing and documentation
  • Completing the registration on the vessel in Colombia, Panama or the United Kingdom
  • Briging the boat to Colombia to the marina of your preference with the passage’s log
  • Asisting with the temporary importation documentation of the vessel (if registered outside of Colombia) with agents we trust and assigning a permanent one
  • Reserving and making agreements with the Marino fo your choice in the Colombian Caribbean coast



  • Constituting your offshore company for the registration of the vessel
  • Managing additional surveys in order to inspect the vessel’s condition
  • Managing your vessel with your specifications in any port of the country including captain, maintenance and logistics services amongst others



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